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Boards and Committees

  1. Application for Boards, Committees, Commissions

    Be part of the City of Watauga's future and give back to the community by serving on a city board, committee, or commission.

City Council

  1. Application for Watauga 101- Citizens' Academy

    Application for enrollment in Watauga 101- Citizens' Academy

  1. Proclamation Request

    Please fill out the information below to submit a request for a Proclamation to be issued by the Mayor. The request must be submitted... More…


  1. Newsletter Submissions

    This form is for submitting content to be included in the digital city-newsletter.

  1. Report of Gift, Favor or Gratuity received over $25.00

Records Management

  1. Records Management Form

    Please utilize this form to submit Records Inventory Logs and Records Disposition Logs to the Records Management Officer.