Agendas and Minutes

The City of Watauga is currently evaluating the possibility of transitioning our Agenda, Minutes and Streaming software to a new product known as NovusAgenda.  NovusAgenda offers a more robust work-flow for the development of Agendas and Minutes while integrating with its own streaming product.  If approved by Council, the City will look to fully implement the NovusAgenda suite starting October 1, 2017.  In the meantime, we are using the NovusAgenda product in parallel with our current Agenda Center and current video streaming solution, AVCaptureall.  New agendas and minutes will be in the NovusAgenda portal below.  An archive all older agendas, minutes and video will remain available until a final decision is reached, at which point most of this material will be migrated.  To view older meeting agendas and minutes visit the old Agenda Center.  For live streaming during this transition, please visit the View Meetings portal.