Planning and Zoning

Economic Development begins with Planning and Zoning. The city utilizes a Comprehensive Zoning  and Master Plan known as One Watauga, which was adopted by City Council on April 25, 2016.  

Proper zoning of property is required to receive a Certificate of Occupancy. Platting may also be required. 

     Zoning Map   One Watauga Development Strategy/Master Plan

The main types of Zoning used in the city are as follows:

Commercial Zoning:
  • Local Business (LB): A restricted business district comprised of business and professional service establishments and retail stores serving primarily the everyday shopping needs of the surrounding residential neighborhood. 
  • General Business (GB): All those businesses and service establishments and retail stores necessary to the everyday and occasional shopping needs of the public. 
  • Commercial (C): All-purpose business district providing areas for the total service, retail, and wholesale trade needs of the community 
Residential Zoning:
  • Single Family Attached (SFA-6): Provide for residential areas with medium population densities within integral neighborhood units. Designed to permit low density development of detached single-family housing supplemented by those uses which support and provide stability to such residential environment. 
  • Duplex (D): Designed to permit and encourage two-unit residential development in an environment which provides many of the amenities of a single-family district 
  • Multifamily (MF): Designed to permit and encourage medium density multifamily housing development of all types