Planning and Development

*Featured Update to Parking Regulations Council Approved 3.27.2017*

In Summary:

·removing design consideration for driveways which would need a culvert as this can be addressed within driveway design standards
·cleaning up language to ease interpretation
·adding dimensions for single family driveways
·update to commercial business parking ratios
·re-locating temporary parking for special events to special event section in Code of Ordinances
·when units or measurements determining the number or required spaces result in a fractional space, the smaller number shall apply, i.e. 20.4 spaces ~ 20   spaces.  


The City of Watauga Planning and Development is committed to providing assistance with zoning, platting, economic development programs, research, and assistance to all Watauga businesses and residents to enhance quality of life within our city.

Explore and learn about the various elements of Planning and Development within the City of Watauga!

  • Planning & Zoning: The first crucial step of operating a business includes understanding the various categories of Zoning within the City and how they may affect the location, land uses, and development standards.
  • Certificate of Occupancy: Is necessary for all commercial structures, the CO helps to insure the safety and welfare of those shopping, playing, and dining in the City of Watauga.
  • Shop Local: Utilizing on-line and print media, local businesses can help spread the word about grand openings, anniversaries, specials, and much more! For more information about these and other programs, please contact the Economic Development Coordinator at 817.514.5813.