Construction Projects

As part of its plan for continuous improvement, the City of Watauga Public Works Department will periodically undertake a water, sewer, street or traffic construction project. These projects focus on the city's infrastructure in the most need of repair.  Street or traffic projects may be implemented to provide for safe and effective driving conditions for all Watauga residents and visitors. Information on the most current construction projects will be added once the planning and bidding processes for the project are complete. 

    Starnes Road 16"               Water Main:

The Starnes Road 16” Water Main replacement project from Indian Springs Road to Rufe Snow Drive is currently in the Engineering Design Phase.The plan includes abandoning the existing 16" water main, placing a new 16” water main, and repairing the street cuts with concrete paving.  Construction is planned to start late May 2018.


      Whitley Road 1            Reconstruction

Whitley Road 1 from Birchill Road to Starnes Road is complete and open to traffic.  The contractor Stabile and Winn, Inc. and Engineering Firm Burgess Niple both performed well on this project and opened the road ahead of schedule.  Enjoy the new road, water, and sidewalk improvements.

       Whitley Road 2           Reconstruction

Whitley Road from Watauga Road to Chapman Road is currently in the engineering design phase.  A Public Input Meeting was held on January 23, 2018 at 7105 Whitley Road, Watauga, Texas in the City Hall Council Chambers.  The Citizen involvement was excellent and our engineering team is reviewing the comments to incorporate some into the project.

The project includes complete reconstruction of the street, storm water drainage system, 16” water main, and related wastewater infrastructure.  The new street shall be concrete with sidewalks along the sides of the street.  Burgess Niple is the Engineering Design firm working on the plans.

      Bursey Road 2              Reconstruction

The City of Watauga is widening Bursey Road from Willis Lane to Rufe Snow Drive.  The existing street shall be reconstructed with concrete pavement, storm water system, water, and sidewalk improvements.  The construction is currently on the section of Bursey Road from Serene Court to Rufe Snow Drive.  The section of Bursey Road from Serene Court to Willis Lane is open for local traffic only.  We expect the project to be complete in April 2018.  Cidrax Texas, LLC is the general contractor on this project.  Staff is reviewing the possibility of repairing a paving section of Emma Way as part of this project.

Chapman Road/Cheatham Dr.

Rufe Snow Widening Project 

The City of North Richland Hills and Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) widening project of Rufe Snow Drive from just south of Ridgetop Road to Watauga Road is nearing the end of Phase I (northbound lanes) and should start Phase II (southbound driving lanes) on February 26, 2018.  Continuous dual northbound and southbound driving lanes are to be open during construction other than minor single lane closures as necessary.

The Contractor shall provide driveway entry signs along Rufe Snow Drive notifying motorist of business entry points where construction barricading blocks normal visibility of drive approaches.  Additional temporary advertising signs may be granted to a business by the Building Official when construction reduces access or visibility of the business.  The time allowed for the display of a temporary sign shall be extended to the duration of the limited or reduced access or visibility.  Such signs shall be exempt from a permit fee.  To request a temporary sign contact the Watauga Public Works Department at (817) 514-5839.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the NRH Engineering Staff at (817) 427-6400 or the Watauga Public Works Department at (817) 514-5753.

   AT&T Construction      in Park Vista Area

AT&T is installing Fiber Optics in the Park Vista Area during the months of January and February.  The work shall be on the following streets:

  1. Elk Ridge Drive
  2. Trout Creek Court
  3. Caribou Ridge Drive
  4. Beaver Ridge Drive
  5. Bear Hollow Court
  6. Red Rock Trail
  7. Geyser Trail
  8. Bison Trail
  9. Bison Court
  10. Cedar View Trail
  11. Cedar View Court
  12. Timber Ridge Drive

All improvements shall be in the public right-of-way with minor disturbances to your front lawn.  Any damages caused by AT&T shall be repaired by AT&T.  If you have any concerns, please contact AT&T at 817-466-8515 or the Watauga Public Works Department at 817-514-5843.

Park Vista Route

ATT Yard Sign