Construction Projects

As part of its plan for continuous improvement, the City of Watauga Public Works Department will periodically undertake a water, sewer, street or traffic construction project. These projects focus on the city's infrastructure in the most need of repair.  Street or traffic projects may be implemented to provide for safe and effective driving conditions for all Watauga residents and visitors. Information on the most current construction projects will be added once the planning and bidding processes for the project are complete. 

    Chapman Road                  Project:

The City of Watauga, in partnership with Tarrant County Precinct 3 has completed the reconstruction of Chapman Rd.  This work would not have been possible without the ¼ Cent Sales Tax for Street Maintenance that was approved by voters.

The City of Watauga would like to thank County Commissioner Gary Fickes, and the crews of Tarrant County Precinct 3, for a job well done. We look forward to working together on future projects.

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Whitley Road Phase I

Construction will begin June 26th on Whitley Road, Phase 1, which is from Oakhill Road to Starnes Road.  Whitley Road is being widened to a two-lane concrete roadway with a dedicated two-way center left turn lane. The project is intended to improve safety by eliminating a narrow section of roadway. Bike lanes are being added to provide better access for cyclists.

City Council authorized the construction firm Stabile & Winn to construct roadway, water, and drainage improvements to this 1/5-mile section of Whitley Road.  This project is funded by the Drainage Fund and the Water Fund.  Construction is expected to last until January 2018 weather permitting.

Bursey Road Phase II

On June 19th, the City Council approved the award of Bursey Road Phase II for construction with Cidrax Texas, LLC.  It will take a few weeks to have all the contracts approved and signed.  Construction should begin in late July on Bursey Road Phase II, which is from Willis Lane to Rufe Snow Road.  The new road includes four lanes of concrete street section, storm drain improvements, rehabilitation or replacement of utilities, and sidewalks.  During the construction, Bursey Road shall be closed to thru traffic.  Residents in Serene Court shall have continuous access to Bursey Road since that is their only connection to a public street.  The Dollar General and EZ Mart shall also have continuous access to Bursey Road.  Durham Farms should have access for the majority of the project, but will be off for some time.

Whitley Road Phase II

Whitley Road Phase 2 is under engineering design and will be from Watauga Road to Chapman Road.

Wastewater CIP 2015:

Project is 97%  completed.  The city approved change order number 12 which replaces an old deteriorated wastewater main in Chapman Road from Mona Lisa Ave. to McCoy Drive.  With this change order, the new completion date is August 31, 2017.  Not included with this project, the City plans to use the ¼ cent sales tax funds for street to reconstruct the asphalt surface of Chapman Road from Whitley Road to Rufe Snow Road smoothing out the driving profile, but not widening the road to any real extent.  Work on Chapman Road wastewater main shall begin on July 5th.

AT&T Construction:

AT&T Construction:  AT&T is installing fiber optic lines on the streets shown on the two attached maps.  During this time, AT&T shall be boring in the right-of-way (ROW) of the street in front of your home.  The ROW is usually about 9.5 feet behind the back of curb.  Any damage caused shall be repaired by AT&T.  During this process, it is possible that the boring machine may hit your water service line to your home.  If this happens, AT&T shall repair it.  Please contact Public Works Department at 817.514.5806 so we may assist in getting the water service repaired.  The Area in Green is scheduled to be complete around September 11, 2017 and the Areas in Red and Blue are scheduled to be complete around September 22, 2017.  The Highlight Area is pending construction permitting.

AT&T Map 1
AT&T Map 2

Chapman Road/Cheatham Dr.

Rufe Snow Widening Project 

STATUS UPDATE - June 22, 2017

North Richland Hills Rufe Snow Expansion Project is currently progressing with steel reinforcement being placed for the new road northbound lanes.  Kodiak’s Supervisor states they will try to make every effort to complete the project as planned in April of 2018.


Beginning June 27, 2016, the City of North Richland Hills will start the Rufe Snow Drive Widening Project starting at Watauga Road and progressing north towards Ridgetop Drive.  The project has a schedule of 426 working days.

The project includes widening the existing 5-lane section to a 7-lane section, similar to the portion of Rufe Snow south of Watauga Road.  The three signalized intersections (Watauga, Chapman, Hightower) will also be reconstructed with new signal equipment, and dedicated turn lanes where warranted.  Sidewalks will be provided along both sides of the new roadway.  While this project will greatly improve congestion in this heavily traveled corridor, the construction phase will be challenging at times for adjacent property and business owners.  NRH and Watauga staff will be working closely with the contractor to expedite the process and preserve as much mobility as possible during the work. 

The City shall provide Driveway entry signs along Rufe Snow Drive notifying motorist of business entry points where construction barricading blocks normal visibility of drive approaches.  These signs shall be part of the construction barricade placement.

Additional temporary signs may be granted to a business by the Building Official when construction initiated by a governmental entity limits or reduces the access or visibility of the business for more than 60 days.  The time allowed for the display of a temporary or portable sign may be extended to the full duration of the limited or reduced access or visibility.  Such signs shall be exempt from a permit fee.  To request a temporary sign contact the Watauga Public Works Department at 817.514.5839